Tone your body...
while going about your daily life!

It can be hard to find time to stay in shape with a busy life full of work, family and social commitments. However, many of your daily activities can be turned into opportunities to exercise!

Former Cirque du Soleil trapeze artists Karyne and Sarah Steben show you how to build exercising and stretching into your daily routine.

You can exercise pretty much anywhere... all day long!

Learn exercises that you can do during everyday activities like:

  • making breakfast
  • sitting in the car
  • or talking on the phone.

Improve your posture and work out while:

  • sitting at a desk
  • watching TV
  • standing in line
  • or simply reading a book or magazine

Learn exercises and opportunities in your daily routine:

  • to strengthen
  • stretch and tone your muscles
  • to improve your balance and posture
  • to condition your body.

Do individual exercises anywhere, anytime... or,
follow one of the specific daily or weekly workouts.


Karyne and Sarah Steben are professional trapeze artists who have spent over 20 years performing around the world - 10 of those with Cirque du Soleil in 'Saltimbanco' and in 'O' at the Bellagio. On top of performing and coaching trapeze, they work as personal trainers, are busy parents, and have active social lives. 

Karyne and Sarah developed the exercises in The Daily Tone Up for anybody
with a busy schedule that likes to stay in shape.

The Steben Twins

Learn over 100 exercises and stretches:

  • Lying In Bed
  • Making Breakfast
  • In The Car
  • Pumping Gas
  • Using The Stairs
  • At The Office
  • On The Phone
  • Standing In Line
  • Doing Housework
  • Making Dinner
  • Watching TV
  • Reading

Calisthenics, Stretching, Yoga and Bodyweight Exercises.

Anywhere. Anytime.

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